L5.COM and XGK.COM were stolen from my Enom account

Impotant Update in March 29, 2018

I retrieved the domains at last.
I removed "by INSIDE JOB" from the title because it might not be a "inside job".
There is just "pitfalls" in the Enom system although I hesitate to mention the details.
It's the fact I retrieve the domains even after the regular dispute period (6 months) elapsed.
I understand ICANN is now contacting Enom directly.

The memo as of March 8, 2018

L5.COM and XGK.COM were stolen from my Enom account in June, 2017.
I was aware the lost of the domains in February this year.
It looks a common matter BUT IT CAN'T BE.
I couldn't be aware for 8 months because I haven't received any notifications from Enom although it must be there even if my email address/account were compromised.

Here is an excerpt from the support(*);

... the issue we found that the email on your account was updated to mohno@m0hn0ker.com and shortly after changed back to the current email address on your account. This was where the push notifications were sent to you.

Anybody can do only what I can do even if somebody got success of compromising my account and/or my email address.
It's impossible to change and change back the email address on an account _shortly_ in normal conditions of the Enom system.
You have no wonder th domain "m0hn0ker.com" was not registered so nobody can't receive and approve the changing back the email address. The theft was obviously happened IN THE COMPANY not from my account.
Unfortunately, Enom haven't admitted it so far.

Enom customers should check the domains in their account every 6 months!
It's anoying us losing domains silently though.
You can't recover the domains after 6 months!

*The support histroy as of March 8, 2018 in PDF.